Keep more of whats yours

Highly lucrative payouts that put more in your pocket.


Our innovative business model allows Qualified* agents to build a sustainable career.
   Keep 100% of your commission!

You pay only a Per Transaction fee.

For the first 10 transactions (in the calendar year ), you'll pay just $495.00
After you hit 10 transactions in a calender year, this fee drops to just $295.00

Leases are $99.00 each

Grow Your Business by building a team.....

E&O insurance is included there are no hidden or surprise deductions .
Commissions can be PAID by ACH / Direct Deposit within 24 hours of settlement.

All Agents pay an Admin fee of $75 per month

DO the Math, use the Income Calulator below and see what you would have made here at Smart Way vs your current brokerage

* Qualified Agents have closed a minimum 10 transactions in their real estate career, otherwise agents are on a 70/30 Commission Split and work with a mentor until they close 5 at Smart Way.