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Smart Way America Realty was founded on the premise that business, as usual, has changed and it is time that professional real estate agents and brokers not only recognize that but embrace it. Even though the needs of Buyers, Sellers, and Agents are continually changing, for decades the Real Estate industry has remained relatively unchanged…until now. In this new age of Real Estate, flexibility and control are the keys to success.


Keep 100% of your commission less a per transaction fee , Once Qualified.
We only require $85/month software fee  

Broker Support

You have access 7 days a week to our Broker, Help with transaction questions or Marketing and Business planning


We provide one of the most comprehensive training platforms available. On virtually any real estate topic. Hundreds of on demand video lessons and Live sessions every week.


The technology we provide would typically cost $1000 per month or more! Contact us today for a full overview.

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Smart Way America Realty has been able to revolutionize the way clients are served and the way Agents are compensated.

The expensive inefficiencies that plague the conventional Real Estate franchise model continue to frustrate both Customers and Agents alike. Recognizing this, Smart Way America Realty has developed nothing short of a Real Estate Revolution.

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We have created a regional network, at the intersection of people and technology, to generate new leads for you—without any referral fees. The full suite of marketing and technology tools we’ve built frees you up to focus on building relationships with buyers and sellers. Our single sign-on platform is an all-in-one life changer and time saver.

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